International and Local Brand Leaders Discuss Brand Culture Inside & Out

27. 09. 2019.

International and Local Brand Leaders Discuss Brand Culture Inside & Out

Following a sound success in its first edition in 2018, REBELS AND RULERS is now at its second iteration and comes about with one of the most pressing topics in the business world — Brand Culture: Inside & Out.

Having decided to dive deeper into this matter, we’ve created a special magazine that precedes the 2019 edition of REBELS AND RULERS, where 20 of the savviest brand leaders worldwide will share their insights on brand culture, both inside and outside of the organization. Take a glance at what you can experience and learn if you join Eastern Europe’s most relevant business and branding event.

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The magazine features five international and local brand leaders answering some key questions about the theme of brand culture:

  • Shade Vaughn
    CMO North America, Capgemini
  • Nanne H.C. Bos
    Head of Global Brand Management, ING
  • Viorela Marcu
    Employer Branding Leader EMEA, UiPath
  • Catalin Rusu
    Co-Founder and CEO, Rusu+Bortun
  • Alexandru Lapusan
    CEO and Founding Partner, Zitec

Curious what we cover in this special REBELS AND RULERS magazine? Take a look at the questions we posed our experts and be sure to download the issue:

  1. How do you define the brand culture of an organization, be it a for- or non-profit?
  2. You are a decisive factor in the management of your brand’s culture – how do you include it in your everyday decision-making process?
  3. Is longevity achievable, for a company, without harnessing a sustainable, active brand culture model?
  4. Can ethics be considered the starting point of any type of culture? If so, then what do you think of the brands that build cultures around unethical behavior? Can they last?
  5. Is anticipation of culture possible in today’s rapid commercial environment? How can a brand create behavior based on anticipation?
  6. The power of CSR on (external) brand reputation is well-known (and abused) by now – but what can you tell us about using social responsibility as a tool for internal culture?
  7. Is it sustainable to be responsible or is it responsible to be sustainable? Although they look similar, the wordplay describes two opposite behaviors that are driving today’s market.
  8. Talent management is crucial for brand culture yet so many organizations have a superficial understanding of it and its role in brand-building. Is HR not taken seriously enough in high-level decision making? How can companies improve this and, subsequently, improve their talent acquisition and retention rates?
  9. Can you share an example of how a brand has used storytelling as a tool for creating or steering brand culture?

Download the magazine now and join us on October 17-18, 2019, in Bucharest.

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